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Machine Details:

Model: KBA-RAPIDA Rapida 105-5+L CX ALV2 FAPC
Impressions: C19MIL
Date Available:
Reference #: 244


Technical details

Max. paper size: 720x1050 mm
Smallest size: 360x520 mm
Image area: 710x1030 mm
Plate size: 795x1050 mm
Length: 16300 mm
Width: 3870 mm
Height: 2160 mm
Colors: 5
Counter approx.: 19 mio only!!!

Colotronic with Wallscreen application <> Qualitronic Color control - Inline ink density measurement <> Qualitronic KBA control strip 2012 <> Drive Tronic Feeder <> Ergotronic <> Logotronic <> ACR control Automatic Camera register, video camera for register setting <> CX Package to print up 1.2 mm ( Field of application: 70g/m2 – 1.2 mm ) <> ALV2 - Extended delivery 2400 mm <> Nonstop feeder <> Nonstop delivery decending (Rollon) <> Pile entry in sheet travel direction <> High Performance antistatic feeder <> Full automatic plate change <> Inking unit temperature control without ductor cooling <> Ergotronic incl. wall screen <> High Performance antistatic feeder <> Technotrans High Tech Beta C. combi cooling device <> Hickey Picker <> Cleantronic Multi purpose washing system for blanket- and impression cylinders and roller system <> Harris & Bruno coating unit chambered doctor blade and Anilox roller <> Varnish supply and cleaning system Harris&Bruno for water based varnish+Anilox roller <> Pile exit in sheet travel direction <> Powdermax powderspray <> Dryer air exhaust <> KBA Varidry IR/ Hot air dryer in delivery <> Pile exit on operating side <> Nonstop rollers descending <> Mechanical speed: 16.000 s/h <> Complete and in working condition



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