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2008 KBA-RAPIDA Rapida 105-6+L ALV2

Machine Details:

Model: KBA-RAPIDA Rapida 105-6+L ALV2
Impressions: 40mil
Date Available: Dec 2017
Reference #: march 3


KBA 105U-6+L ALV2 PWVA prepared for UV

Speed: 15.000 sh/H

Densitronic-S consol

IR and Hot Air Varidry , Baldwin Combi

Electrical cabinet cooled,

Printing units prepared for UV ink

Set of reserve rollers

Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control)

Preset - automatic size device

Extended Delivery

FAPC automatic plate change

Non-stop feeder and delivery

Cooling unit

Antistatic complete

IR Infra red dryer

VARIDAMP alcohol dampening

Double-sheet control

anilox coater

Coating tower with ink doctor blades (TRESU)

automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing unit

BALDWIN refrigeration

Plate Punch

ACR Control Video register



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